Re: A few oddities in the panel

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998 wrote:

> the panel changing bg is a panel issue. definitely - the arrows - not
> sure but It probably is a panel issue too. Themes makes it a lot
> stricter for apps - they cannot asume ANYTHIGN - colr, fotn,
> bacckground.. infact the panel was always broken as such.. themes just
> brings it out more. hint for programmer.s. NEVER assume solid
> backgroudn.. NEVER assume gray.. never assume font size or anything..
> cause a user may just go change this on you..themes simply makes it
> easy and packages it up for users to do.. :)

Alright, this kinda leads into something that I've been wondering about
for the last while.  How can I tell if a setting has been explicitly set
by a theme or by an app sepecific rc file?  I thought it would have to do
something with gtk_widget_get_style() but I haven't had any luck.

Marcus Brubaker

The X Window System will henceforth be known as the NC-17 Window System.

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