Slightly Off Topic: GPL'ed Encyclopedia ?

Greetings to all the brave souls that try to compile gnome-libs,
slackware users trying to understand glibc and the general population
of endeavering minds :))

I know this isn't the place to post a question like this, but its the
only mailing list I can post to :) Has any discussion or thought come
of building a GPL'ed/GNU Encylopedia similar to Microsoft's Encarta ?
Its a huge task and all sorts of problems would face it, in
particular, copywrites and ownership questions (regarding the content)
.. but what sort of ideas have been passed around about it ?

RMS would certainly love this, Information gpl'ed, free to use, share
and distribute, and modifiable by the users to some degree. It would
certainly look nice with a gnome interface on it too :) ( i had to
make this relevant to the mailing list somehow, even if it is purely

140 million mexican school kids will be using gnome in the next few
years, it would be nice if a project like this got started early... 

:)) farewell

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