GTK & Win32 .. just wondering ..

ok, those that are interested for working on a port of Gnome towards a Win32
please raise your hand

(ok, now use that hand and the other to send me a private mail so i have an
idea on how many people are interested in having a Gnomish Win32 ...)

If you are a developper, you are welcome, if not, you are still welcome, you
can still help !!

I talked with a few people about such a port, we all think that it will be a
great project .. and then imagine teh people that are Using M$, If they like
Gnome stuff better, then they could go over to Linux (which is going to be
much faster..)

that would be a first step, and you will have a lot more 'impact' (you go
from 7 million potential user to a lot more .. according to M$  :-)

ok, juts to have an idea.. please send me a little mail to :

[sorry for that Almost-Off-Topic-Mail]

Joachim 'Yolk' Thuau
      (6 6)
Big brother is watching you !!

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