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On Mon, 18 May 1998, robert havoc pennington wrote:

> To: Martin Baulig <>
> Subject: Re: gnome on FreeBSD [procfs]...
> From: robert havoc pennington <>
> On 18 May 1998, Martin Baulig wrote:
> >
> >   Currently the following <system>s are supported (I'll port the library
> >   to those systems myself):
> > 
> >   # linux:	Linux			- Uses the /proc filesystem
> Does it already work on Linux? If so, we might as well start using it for
> Gnome apps that get this kind of information... they are Linux-specific
> right now.

Basically yes, but it does not yet all information from the proc
filesystem, but in about one week or so ...

> > Well, I just began with this project some weeks ago, so it still may be
> > buggy, documentation is not yet written, interfaces may change ..., but
> > I always like to have some feedback about it.
> > 
> It looks great; as soon as it works on at least Linux and is permitted to
> be a Gnome requirement I'd love to use it for guname. guname is
> simultaneously an "About" dialog for Gnome with the Gnome logo, and a
> technical support tool - when helping out a novice user over the phone or
> whatever, you can have them pull up "guname" and read off information
> about the system, or maybe even save/mail a system description. So if it
> can suck in all this information from libgtop it will be great. 

guname is in gnome-utils? If not, please tell me where I can find it. I'll
then add all functions required for it to libgtop. Sounds like this would
be less work than with gtop, so guname could perhaps be the first
application that uses the library.


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