ugly gmc experience; what is "gsl"???

Gnome questions:
1. Just downloaded the new RPMS and had some trouble installing, things
I had not seen  before.  gnome-media says it requires "gsl" but I don't
know what library that is. Can you tell me?
I had all kinds of dependency errors about libgdk and libgtk, but I
just forced the install, figuring the Redhat control panel was already
broken, so why worry about breaking it again.

2. gmc is now as unstable as hell. I constantly get crashed out of it,
especially when dragging and dropping files from one device to another.

Here is what shows in the console when that happens.

Messagebox: this should be displayed like an error

** WARNING **: invalid cast from `GtkHBox' to `GtkWindow'

** WARNING **: file gtksignal.c: line 492 (gtk_signal_emit): "gtk_type_is_a (GTK_OBJECT_TYPE (object), signal->object_type)"
Messagebox: this should be displayed like an error

** ERROR **: sigsegv caught

3.  The new gmc "icon view" is nice and file selection in that view
works the way I expect. In the "detail view", it still seems screwed up
to me. Click one file, shift click one below, and you get all the files 
down to, BUT NOT INCLUDING, the bottom one you clicked.  I'd RTFM, but
cant find one!

Paul E. Johnson                       email:
Dept. of Political Science  
University of Kansas                  Office: (913) 864-9086
Lawrence, Kansas 66045                FAX: (913) 864-5700

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