Re: Suggestion: Changing mouse pointers wrote:
> > man xsetroot for more :)
> Hm well I knew about that one ;)
> I was more thinking about letting the user configure it from the panel,
> and preferably be able to set the same pointer for the desktop and all
> the gnomeified apps + the windowmanager to get a consistent look of the
> desktop.
> As it looks now with the "right directed" arrow over the panel, it looks
> kind of weird since I have a left handed one over the root window. Since
> different people like different things, it might be a good thing to let
> them configure it to their own taste. Or am I out there on this one? ;)

I also vote for this configurability. I want to use 'left_ptr' and 
'right_ptr' instead of the current pointers (they look very ugly to
me, the angle of the arrows is not very good).

So far I haven't seen a better pointer anywhere than left_ptr (it is
the correct shape and color). The default OS/2 and Motif pointer is the
same. I even use the same pointer under windows as a replacement for
default white one. (I also use a spinning disk drive pointer for a
busy cursor, but that's another story ;-)

... MouseDevice="/dev/null"

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