Re: Icons on the desktop

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Guillermo S. Romero / unnamed / Familia Romero wrote:

> >>I think the icons on the desktop bit should be handeled by a seperate SMALL
> >>program that runs all the time.
> SMALL... gmc is big or small? What do you think? I have not tested.
> NT Explorer takes some MBs just to show the icons... and thats pathetic. I
> have restarted it to test and from scratch it needs 3208KB. Poor, just to
> show less thatn 60 icons (most of the repeated).

	Check out the size of the panel sometime.  The panel is a few
megs, the launcher is a few megs...  Each applet is a few megs...  Soon,
I'm running something the size of Netscape!  Lots of fun.  I assume this
will be fixed soon.  ;^)

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