SHM leaks in gnome...

I've been seeing shared memory leaks in GNOME applications.. I just
started noticing it the last couple of days. If you want to see them
yourself, just rin "ipcs" to check the shared memory segments in use
on an otherwise quiet system, start up a GNOME app, exit it, and look
at all the new shared memory segments with 0 refcounts. electriceyes
is a big offender, especially when viewing a large directory of
images, but I've also seen the problem with freecell. Anyone else
noticed this yet?

(I'm fairly certain it's not GTK, since I don't see this problem with
either gimp, or my own little app I'm using on, which makes use of
shared emmory pixmaps.)

  Larry Daffner        |  Linux: Unleash the workstation in your PC! /
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the better.  --Andre Gide

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