Re: Initial IDE code

A couple reasons - 1) I didn't write the API, Chris Lahey originally started
doing it for his text editor GO, and then generously patched gedit to share the
same API, so we'll be able to share plugins. 2) gEdit (and GO, I think)
intend to work well for both gnome and non-gnome users alike, and having to
require an ORB (which raises another question of which ORB to use, since gnome
will supposedly be moving away from mico) would unnecassarily bloat the code -
we've gotten a lot of comments from people saying the like the way it pops up
quickly, and I think requiring CORBA would possibly slow that down a good deal,
and greatly increase the memory requirements. Finally, I'm not really into C++
and at present don't want to touch CORBA with a ten foot pole, no offense :)

On 28-Jun-98 Tom Tromey wrote:
> Evan> I think from what it looks like you're trying to do that it
> Evan> would be better to implement this CORBA interface as a plugin,
> Evan> instead of making changes to the source directly - this would
> Evan> provide for more flexibility, and also give us an idea for what
> Evan> kind of demands could be placed on the plugins api, and a chance
> Evan> to extend it to make it more useful.
> My $0.02: why bother writing a plugin API when you have CORBA?
> Instead design the API as a CORBA interface, and let the ORB take care
> of the nasty details.
> Tom

Evan Lawrence

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