Re: Problem with internationalization + other errors in 0.20

Christopher> However, the following give these errors:
Christopher> core: ld: GtkDispatcher::GtkDispatcher(void): undefined reference

This means you didn't configure mico with --enable-gtk.

Christopher> guile:
Christopher> mc:
Christopher> /usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `dgettext`

Try `make LIBS=-lintl'.  For gnome-guile this is a known problem.  I
don't know about mc.

Christopher> Are these known problems, and are there any workarounds
Christopher> to get me up and running?

They are known.

Christopher>  There was also an error in gdiskfree or something, but I
Christopher> just edited that out of the Makefile to get it to finish.

This is also known.  It is fixed in the cvs repo.


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