Re: Initial IDE code

On 26-Jun-98 Samuel Ziegler wrote:
> Cool.  I will check it out.  What I did was to seperate all the CORBA
> stuff off then added a couple of methods in gEdit to preform the tasks
> I needed done.  If this could all be done a plug-in then that would be
> a Good Thing.  Especially if it meant it would give me an hook into more
> than one editor.  Cool.  Unfortunatly, what functunality the IDE will need
> from the plug-in api is currently unknown since the project is so young. 
> In any case, I will try and adapt my code into a plug-in.  The biggest
> annoyance I've hit so far is MICO.  It's IDL compiler is less then
> impressive.

Sounds like a great start.. If you check out what's on the cvs tree, you should
be able to get an idea for how the plugins api works, and when development on
your IDE gets to the point where you know what you're going to need, just let
us know and we'll work on adding it.

> I was completely unsuccessful in generating C bindings and only moderately
> successful with the C++ binding.  Not that I'm really complaining, I 
> would _NEVER_ want to write an ORB.  They are tricky.

Fraid I can't help you there - I've sort of been avoiding contact with CORBA

> Anyway.  After I polish up my code, what should I do with it?  Email it to
> you?  I've been working of you're 0.40 release.  BTW, do you have some
> bandwidth to store the standalone IDE as well?

Yeah, emailing patches against what's on the cvs tree (if you don't have
anonymous access, check out Jim Pick's site - there's a link on the gnome
software map page) would be the best way to go. As for bandwidth, I got the
feeling gnome intended to incorporate GUIDE into their cvs tree when it got to
the point where it woud need it, so you'd probably need to contact whoever
maintains the cvs tree about that - Miguel maybe?

Evan Lawrence

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