CVS Panel segv's on startup

I'm having problems running the panel from CVS.  I've ran CVS update
today and nothing's changed.  I don't know where to begin trouble
shooting it, but it trashes the stack somewhere in this call
to calloc():

(gdb) bt
#0  0x406e6450 in calloc ()
#1  0x4048b718 in g_malloc0 () at gmem.c:768
#2  0x40434b09 in gtk_type_new () at gtktypeutils.c:530
#3  0x40563bbc in gtk_socket_new () at gtk-socket.c:165
#4  0x805a68a in reserve_applet_spot (id_str=0x8142ad0 "Extern", 
    path=0x8144238 "/usr/people/sdh/gnome/bin/gen_util_applet", 
    param=0x8142af8 "--clock", panel=0, pos=-1, 
    cfgpath=0x8144218 "/panel/Applet_Dummy/",
    at panel.c:1153
#5  0x805243a in load_applet (id_str=0x8142ad0 "Extern", 
    path=0x8142ae0 "gen_util_applet", params=0x8142af8 "--clock",
    tooltip=0x0, pos=-1, panel=0, cfgpath=0x8144218
    at main.c:387
#6  0x80528ba in load_queued_applets () at main.c:506
#7  0x8054579 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffb64) at main.c:1406
#8  0x805118e in _start ()

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 is what entertainment is all about ... Idiots, explosives
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