Re: CVS movement.

Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Gleef wrote:
> > >    The anonymous CVS machine will be called, and
> > > developers will be using or
> >
> > That works.  I assume we will have to log in anew.  Use -z3 everyone!
> Not really: a small sed script on some files in `find <root> -name CVS`
> might do the trick too ;)

I used a sh script like this when I changed from anon cvs to developr

for i in `find . -name Root` ;
        do sed -e 's/' \
               -e 's/' $i > /tmp/sed$$ ;
        mv /tmp/sed$$ $i;

Executed from the base gnome-cvs directory on your local machine.  This
script assumes that any file named Root is a CVS/Root file, but it saved
me the trouble of reloading everything.


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