Salon Magazine article

1) There's an article in this month's Salon Magazine about Linux and
GNOME.  I am quoted in it.  All in all, it appears to be a decent article.

2) One of my quotes is:

     "Everyone understands that desktop efforts are essential
     to world domination," says Todd Lewis, maintainer of
     the frequently asked question file for <a target= "new"
     href="">GNOME,</a> one of the major contenders
     for the leading role of the Linux desktop interface. "If you want to
     beat Germany, then bomb Berlin, and if you want to beat Microsoft,
     attack the desktop."

Moments ago, I received somewhat angry email from an Austrian reader about
this comment.  I intended for this to be an analogy illustrating the
strategic intent of desktop efforts; I did not even consider that some
people, such as those who live in or near Germany, might find it offensive.

For this I am really, really sorry.  Even though I don't have an official
position within the GNOME effort, I'll resign it anyway if that's desired.

Todd Graham Lewis       Manager of Web Engineering    (800) 719-4664, x2804
******Linux******         MindSpring Enterprises

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