Re: IDE, IDL feedback needed.

Bruce Stephens wrote:
> Jeff Dubrule <> writes:
> > CVS, CVS, CVS...  It's a bit obscure and magical at times, but it is
> > really cool.
> Well, of course.  I was thinking of a GUI.  I'm not entirely sure what
> I want from a GUI, but it ought to be able to show me branches and
> things in a convenient way.  And probably interact closely with XEmacs
> to show differences.  Maybe other things too; I'm not really sure.

Take a look at Source Integrity, by MKS.  As a gui front end to 
RCS, it works very well, allowing organization of sources into 
projects, and also allowing decent database query mechanisms.
I've used it occasionally, and found it to be fine.  Being able 
to transparently handle CVS as well as RCS would be a great 
feature.  As for integrating with [x]emacs, it handles RCS in
an adequate manner, does it deal with CVS as well?

-- ebm
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