Re: linux envy writes:

> Dearest Bob, et al.,
> I saw your question regarding afterstep configuration while perusing 
> ( a fascinating look into a wider world...) and 
> saw  "and i hope this is the proper forum for it, forgive me if its 
> not."  Thought to myself, "Yeah,  I have a few questions for the 
> Linux community too !  Maybe if I just throw them out there, someone 
> will...".  Let me say 1st, I  HAVE gotten great help, fast & friendly 
> from Linux Support Services and others  AND I'm really excited by the 
> whole philosophy and depth of quality software put forth by GNU/Linux.
> I look forward to the day I can chuck all my MS stuff and be 
> exclusively FREE.	However...after spending two hours a day for five 
> or six weeks I've yet to be able to make a ppp connection to my isp 
> for Netscape, etcetera. Took me this long to find out *.tar.gz files 
> will unzip (sic) much nicer if instead I fetch binaries and use 
> rpm -ivh   -  since I run Red Hat 5.0 !     FIVE WEEKS ! !
> The question.  Do you know an entry level, really simple, info site ?
> Like...  "To setup your printer...type "***" and click here... To 
> install this nifty (and free) word processor... from root, type 
> "minicom -s -m -c on, NcFTP open..."  DO YOU KNOW OF SUCH A PLACE OR 

Wouldn't Red Hat's web site be a good place to look?

After this, you can move on to the Linux Documentation Project:

And buy some books from O'Reilly:


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