Re: Afterstep+Gnome Panel

On Sat, 20 Jun 1998, Robert Soros wrote:

> Is there a switch in the afterstep configuration that would put
> minimized window icons on the top right hand part of the screen,
> rather then the bottom left ? If this were possible, i would find some

I'm not quite sure, but seeing as Afterstep is based on fvwm you _should_
be able to define an IconBox where your minimised icons go.  You can then
place this iconbox wherever you wish.

I think a better solution is to place the panel someplace else, or make
it autohide if you insist on having it down the bottom.  You can right-
click on the panel and in the properties, change which screen edge it is
placed on (or make it autohide ... or both).

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