Re: Project idea: IDE

In this madness, there may well be a method.  Microsoft got to the place
it did by ripping off other people's great ideas and selling it as "top
quality stuff" (PLEASE nobody comment on the falseness of this statement)
and integrating everything (at the price of some flexibility)

There's nothing saying we can't do the same.  I, for one, often use Visual
Basic and appreciate very much some of its features that allow rapid
application developement.  Rather than bashing Microsoft and saying
how bad it is, we need to see what is good, what is done well (and don't
say nothing) and then proceed to shamelessly rip off the good ideas while
avoiding the bad ones.  We are in no position to wage an us-versus-them
war--we need to visibly show that "we do this better."

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On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Samuel Ziegler wrote:

>My ulterior motive is this: I would LOVE for Linux
>to become a commercially viable OS, and one of the blockades
>is the lack of a good IDE.  Before anyone says anything like
>Red Hat was profitable from day one, let me clarify.  As much
>as I hate Microsoft and Windows, if you want to make a successful 
>software company (ie. one that makes me REALLY rich) You need
>the market to be there.  So I would live to be able to start a
>Linux software company in 5-10 years, but a lot has to happen
>between here and there.
>I apologize for the rant.

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