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One thing about unix is that the *whole* environment is part of your 'ide'.

peecee's just never had the tools and flexible os available to do
this, so you needed things like borland's (annoying) ide to do things.

Emacs already does this and more, supports debugging, editing, code
browsing (etags), documentation (man, info), version control (vc), and
so on.  But thats not the point really ...

Personally, I found the amiga environment incredible for productivity
way back then (but i'm sure that was just me) - mainly because you
weren't limited to your editor, or your current screen to do things.
That flexibility meant you could browse docs and edit at the same
time, fire off test code, or debug and write new code at the same
time, etc etc.  Basically the kind of things you can do with linux
now, and then some (things like arexx let you *build* integrated
applications with no knowledge of their internals).

(whereas most ide's try to enforce single user-context which I find
extremely limiting - and a many widnows-in one MDI *really*really* sucks).

Anyway, instead of limiting an IDE to a given, small set of
applications and a limited application scope, it
would be nice to have the hooks to be able to integrate everything
together in many different ways (actually this would be possible as
the corba stuff gets into more applications - pity its such a
heavyweight framework though).

FYI I've done a little bit of IDE type work in visual slick edit -
mostly just menu's to fire off compiles (cobol!  blurgh) and the
debugger etc.  But I also did some work with CVS to get up tools for
diffing between versions, displaying versions in a tree-like list, and
so on.  I think as mentioned earlier, a CVS 'virtual filesystem' for
gnome, or at leas mc could be a nice addition to any such environment


> 	I think this is a great idea, and long overdue for Linux.  I
> probably wouldn't use it, but I think it would be very helpful.
> On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Samuel Ziegler wrote:
> > I just wanted to put a feeler out to see what people felt about
> > a GNOME based IDE.  My concept is to connect all of the parts
> > of the IDE (editor, compiler, debugger, source control, etc) through
> > CORBA interfaces so that it wouldn't be too hard to put a wrapper
> > around your favorite X and use it in the system.  So basically, you
> > have a main object which coordinates the activities and connects
> > all of the subservient parts.
> > 

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