Re: Project idea: IDE

"David M. Cook" <> writes:

> I think it's a good idea as long as it allows the user to use his
> editor of choice.  Most programmers are probably already very
> attached to their editor.

Yes.  The existence of a dozen or more editors obviously intended for
programmers in a typical Linux archive suggests strongly that there
isn't currently a world shortage of editors..

> Actually, a completed Glade together with *Emacs, VIM or Nedit would
> make a pretty complete GNOME development environment.  A makefile
> generator would be nice as well.

Would it?  How about a debugger?  (Not that there aren't superb
debuggers already---although what about a Gtk+ port of DDD?---just
that better integration between One's Favourite Editor and the
debugger might be nice.  I'd like to use XEmacs and DDD, and be able
to look at the value of a variable by resting the mouse pointer over a
variable in XEmacs.)  What about a nifty source-control tool---one that
can show CVS branches and things graphically, or somesuch?

And, surely most valuably (IMHO), what about a source navigation tool?

More than that: how about some cunning way of getting my editor to
know about the types of variables, so while I'm typing "p->fo" it can
tell me what methods *p has that begin with "fo", and can fill in
their signatures too, and can give me a list of other places it knows
about where this method is called (whichever source files they happen
to be in).  (And, of course, the declaration and definitions of the

In any case, this discussion ought to move to the GUIDE mailing list.

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