Re: Just some ideas

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > Has anyone considered using ldap?  Or at least providing support to
> > it?  It would give access to an already defined and extensible
> > directory architecture that is on its way to becomming an internet
> > standard.
> Apparently a lot of people want to see LDAP support for various GNOME
> tools, it would be worth investing some time researching this.  Do we
> have free client code for LDAP?  Are there free LDAP servers
> available?  Where can we find more information about this?
> Best wishes,
> Miguel.

Linux Directory Services:

This includes client support.  Also:

This is Netscape's Directory SDK for C.  This is nice because it's v3. 
The above project is based on the umich source which is v2.  v3 has some
excellent features and is supported by a lot of commercial type servers.

Both are free software.  The mozilla code for clients is probaby better
since it's actually been touched in the last two years and supports
greater interoperability.  There are the usual licensing issues though.


ps. LDAP is pretty cool.


Christopher Blizzard
AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.

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