Re: Just some ideas

> Miguel de Icaza <> writes:
> > Apparently a lot of people want to see LDAP support for various GNOME
> > tools, it would be worth investing some time researching this.  Do we
> > have free client code for LDAP?  Are there free LDAP servers
> > available?  Where can we find more information about this?
> There is code available (for both, client and server).  But at least
> the UMich code sucks big time.  I'm playing with the thought to
> implement something correctly, based on a better design using threads,
> real asynchronous protocols etc.

There are currently a number of projects to take this code and integrate
it as a name service within linux.  One is at, and the other is at, which just seems to have
started, and is taking a slightly different approach (including a more
radical re-implementation of the threaded model).

Both are based on the umich code + patches, but I dont know if there
are plans to upgrade to ldap V3, or to maintain portability of the

I've recently been playing with the netscape stuff (for implementing a
run-time user and configuration database for an online transaction
system @ work).  Seems to work pretty well, but it's huge.  The umich
client code will talk to the netscape servers ok too (v3 is supposed
to be backward compatible with v2).

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