Re: Sound stuff (sound in gnomine!)

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Simon Kagedal wrote:

>    I suggest we use this library. It's beta, and needs some work,
>    but it's a nice API and it can also be useful in porting SGI specific
>    apps. It's also GPL'ed. I have no problems with that, but someone
>    posted about "libraries should be LGPL'ed" - is this a common
>    opinion for the GNOME developers? (RMS talked about this subject again
>    in the recent interview, probably audiofile fits into what
>    he thinks should be LGPL'ed - replacements for existing libraries.)
-) libraries should be LGPL'ed, else you are killing the possibility of
   closed-source projects.
   While certain hardcore people would like that, this is not really
   acceptable for a standard desktop component.
-) Now I like open source, etc., but for certain kind of apps I am forced
   into closed source by the environment.
   (Consider a certification process for software, by which the
    producer has to commit not to give the source code to anyone,
    especially not to his clients, ...
    And don't ask, these kind of environments exist, at least in Austria,


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