Interface declarations


I've been just wondering if it would be possible, to add the following
#define PUBLICRO  /* denotes a public member that may be read */
#define PUBLICRW  /* denotes a public member that may be read and set
                     directly. */

Then use it as in:
struct _GtkLabel
  GtkMisc misc;

  PUBLICRO char *label;
  GSList *row;
  guint jtype : 2;
  gint  needs_clear : 1;

assuming, that only the label field in a GtkLabel field may be read.

This way, one could get a fast understanding which fields are meant to
be considered the API of the widget and which are private ones.

This is important, because:
-) At the moment, the best documentation are the headers/source code of
   gtk/gnome, and it changes that fast, that any documentation project
   would drag behind, ...
-) It makes the lifes of language binding authors (like myself) easier,
   as one knows in an instant which members need to be wrapped.


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