grpm 0.1

I've finally crufted together a release of grpm.  It seems to do basic
stuff pretty well, and shouldn't mess up your RPM database too badly :-).

grpm is a graphical interface to RPM, with many super nifty features:

. track and cache multiple "repositories" of RPMs simultaneously
. can do FTP and HTTP repos (see README)
. resolve dependencies *across repos*
. search packages for any info in package header
. color codes packages based on "state"
. many options for sorting and displaying package listings

There is some minimal documentation in /usr/doc/grpm-0.1/README.
Please read it.

grpm is available from

You will need Red Hat Linux 5.1 plus all the updates to use the
binary RPMs.  If you do not have a GTK 1.1 based GNOME system
(and if you don't know, you don't) you should use the -static
RPM package.


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