gtk-1.0.4 & GPOINTER_TO_INT (was:compile snafus)

Earlier I reported this failed compile of gnome-libs, the 0.2 tarball:

> ranlib .libs/libgnomeui.a
> creating
> [snip]
> .../libgnomeui/.libs/ undefined reference to `GPOINTER_TO_INT'
> .../libgnomeui/.libs/ undefined reference to `GINT_TO_POINTER'

Followed by Error 2 and many alarums and excursions.

This was with gtk-1.0.1 in place. The fix apparently was as simple as
installing ver. 1.0.4 of same.

Should configure be updated to check for this version (it seems now to ask for
first 1.0.0 and later .99.7 if I'm not mistaken)?

Or have I lurched uncontrollably into the Truth in a manner mysterious,
especially to me? 


Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I.  (sometimes)

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