What I would like to see in gnome: project manager

This is an app suggestion.

I once tried a windows program called Task Timer that helped
me a lot, planning my work. Unfortunately the shared database
on a novell server never worked properly.

Here, I will try to describe how it worked.

Say I get a to-do: Upgrade redhat on the www server.

Now I open a new task with the following tags:
Priority (1-5)                 2
Estimated time.                30 min.
Deadline.                      Jul 1st.
Contact person.                Donald Duck

Every day I print one page. The left half including the right top
half of the page is a calender for today. The last fourth of the sheet
shows a prioritied list of to-do's, showing title, estimated time
and a checkbox that gets a 'V' when the task is done.

I can bring the sheet with me and use it later for updating the
database (the V's). The calender entries do not matter.

The boss can assign to-do's for me. They show up low-lighted
in my prioritized list. By clicking on them, I can select to
accept or deny taking them. When denying, I must give a reason
(free text).

I can see the todo's of my partner, and I can give my todo's
to him.

The great thing is, I get a prioritized list of to-do's. If I
have 15 minutes to spare, I may have a task in the list that
can be done in those 15 minutes, that otherwise might be wasted.
If I have more time, I just start with the upmost task.

The only problem I can imagine is that low priority tasks with
a long deadline never come near the top of the todo list, so
they will be done.

Also, a good priority sorting algoritm may be difficult to make.

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