Re[2]: gnome-libs compile snafus

Tom Tromey <> wrote:

> This happens because you don't have GNU gettext installed.
> One fix is to install it.


> I think this will work as a hack:
> 	touch po/gnome-libs.pot

(It did.) 

But with gettext in place I come up on the following, as the compile enters:

ranlib .libs/libgnomeui.a
../libgnomeui/.libs/ undefined reference to `GPOINTER_TO_INT'
../libgnomeui/.libs/ undefined reference to `GINT_TO_POINTER'

which leads unceremoniously to Error 2.

I note in the Changelog for /libgnomeui a mention of the recent introduction
of these two critters to the package. I am in the dark as to where they might
be first declared.

Still working with 0.2 tarball of course. Something tells me I could save time
by firing up cvs. 

Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I.  (sometimes)

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