Re: more of 'can't find gdk_imlib'

Bob> I have the .2 tarballs for Gnome, and get the following at the
Bob> premature conclusion of running ./configure in gnome-libs-0.2/

Bob> checking for gdk_imlib_init in -lgdk_imlib... no
Bob> configure: error: I could not find gdk_imlib

Bob> However, I've just built imlib from the source on
Bob>, and ldconfig yields, in part, this:

Bob> Being *new* at this I assume I've just missed something really
Bob> obvious.

Bob> Thoughts, exhortations, rebukes, etc?

Two ideas:

1. Make sure gdk_imlib is installed and not just built.
   (This is probably the case, but it pays to be sure)
2. Look in config.log to see exactly why the check failed.
   If the contents don't make sense, send the failing case to the
   list (or me), and we'll see what we can come up with


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