GNOME-0.20 and egcs

Well, this is the first GNOME release that I've managed to compile,
and it looks *very* good.  I'm impressed.  Still some rough edges, but
it feels pretty solid so far, so in 3 months or less it's going to be
*very* stable.

With a recent egcs, I had to stick a #include <exception> in
mico-2.0.5/orb/, but other than that it was a clean compile
(following the instructions in the FAQ regarding ordering and

Why Objective-C, though?  And why ImageMagick, before the panel can
even start?  Can't imlib load PNG on its own?

And where's the "An Introduction To GNOME"?  That doesn't seem to
exist in the tarballs; have I missed something?

And what about wheeled mouse support, for scrolling things?  I've got
quite attached to that having configured rxvt, XEmacs and Netscape to
use it.  The wheel produces button-4 and button-5 events, so it's easy
to configure it, and leaving the configuration on is unlikely to hurt
anybody who doesn't have a wheeled mouse.  See

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