Re: GNOME-0.20 and egcs

>  Why Objective-C, though?  And why ImageMagick, before the panel can
>  even start?  Can't imlib load PNG on its own?

Imlib *can* load PNGs without using an external program if you compile
it with the PNG libraries.  Make sure the configure script did find
your PNG libraries; if it didn't, it will resort to using an external

About Objective-C:  Gnome is not constrained to any single programming
language; developers are free to use whatever they like.  Someone
likes Objective-C, so he should be able to use it to write Gnome programs.

>  And where's the "An Introduction To GNOME"?  That doesn't seem to
>  exist in the tarballs; have I missed something?

It wasn't included in the tarballs due to configuration problems :-(
You can at least get the docs from the cvsweb interface, I think.

>  And what about wheeled mouse support, for scrolling things?  I've got
>  quite attached to that having configured rxvt, XEmacs and Netscape to
>  use it.  The wheel produces button-4 and button-5 events, so it's easy
>  to configure it, and leaving the configuration on is unlikely to hurt
>  anybody who doesn't have a wheeled mouse.  See
>  <URL:>.

We are taking patches :-)


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