trouble with gmc and gnome

I downloaded the latest gnome-0.13 stuff and got to work.  Shortly, I
had a 
working gnome environment and all was well in the world.

Then, I compiled gmc and had trouble.  The compile needed
and this was in the libgtk-1.1.a library but not in the
library.  So, I moved
the* files to /tmp and recompiled.  Now it could not find
other stuff so I moved
them back to /usr/local/lib and thought about this.  I pulled the
missing function out of the 
gtkrc.c file and compiled it and only it then added this to the gmc link
list and then gmc 
compiled just find.

Now, however, all of the rest of gnome fails with a message similar to:
	gedit: cannot open library ''

I don't know how to make this work again.  
	I have rebuilt gtk-1.1 and reinstalled it -- no joy!
	I have done and redone ldconfig -- no joy!

Please help.


   Ed Davison	(512) 475-8090
   Systems Analyst

   University of Texas at Austin, College and Graduate School of

    Virtual      ----->
    Physical     ----->     CBA Computer Services - CBA 1.324


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