Re: Scientific Applications

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Mark Rae wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone has had any thoughts about Gnome/GTK based
> scientific applications for the desktop? 
> I have been thinking specifically about the areas covered by commercial
> Windows/Macintosh applications such as SigmaPlot, SYSTAT & GraphPad
> which don't appear to have any comparable 'competition' in the free
> software world. It seems that all of the freely available
> statistics/graphics software has either been written with a specific
> purpose in mind, is only capable of producing fairly simple graphs, or
> requires the user to 'program' it, e.g gnuplot. 
> As such a large number of UNIX/Linux users are in the Academic/Research
> sector it would seem sensible to try and produce packages like these. 
> Anyone care to comment on whether this seems like a good idea?

I saw an announcement on cola today for an X GNUplot frontend. It might be
a good start to try to gnomify that.

-- Elliot
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