Re: ... arguments

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Kostyrka <> writes:

I don't know if anybody answered this or not.

Andreas> I'm actually wrapping gnomeui at the moment, and in
Andreas> gnome-dialog, and I'm a bit stuck with the ... arguments, for
Andreas> example in gnome_dialog_new():

Andreas> The TOM part is clear: 
Andreas> deferred GnomeDialog
Andreas>   new (String, ObjectArray) (title, buttons);

Andreas> But how can I build up a vaarg list portably in a wrapping?
Andreas> If not, then how these gnome functions are intended to be
Andreas> used by language wrappings?

The short answer is: you can't.

On some systems you can probably use `libffi' to provide a wrapping.

However, since Gnome is free software, you can probably lobby to get
it changed to be more friendly.  For instance, you could have a new
interface added which implements the same functionality in a more
wrapper-friendly way.  This will benefit every language binding

Does your wrapper use the `.defs' files that are in the gnome-guile
module?  That would be my preferred approach, if possible.  My reason
is that any improvements to the .defs file would benefit other


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