Re: [Fwd: Frames?]

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Isaksson <> writes:

Marcus> Gnome is not a window-mananager. You have to start fvwm95-2
Marcus> (or your favourite window-manager) just like before (e.g. in
Marcus> ~/.XClients) and launch gnome-session by inserting
Marcus> "gnome-session &" in that file before you launch the
Marcus> window-manager.

You're close.  You actually want gnome-session to be the last thing to
be run.  The reason is that you want an "end session" request to the
session manager to actually end the session.  This won't happen unless
it is the last thing run from your .xinitrc.  E.g.:

	fvwm95-2 &
	exec gnome-session


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