Re: WM Compliance

"M.Watson" <> writes:

> > I can make the code independent of any libs by hardlinking it into
> > GNOME/gtk. The only sideeffect is that any window with a menu gets a property
> > set, and the windowmanager gets a PropertyNotify of unknown type (except it is
> > WindowMaker who knows the Atom) for each change in the menu.
> I do not see this as a bad thing. Perhaps other window managers will
> implement a system for using that property. Or not. But it can not
> really hurt to have it.

I think Motif already such a Atom (I have seen a atom starting with MWM 
and ending in MENU). But I don't know how it works.

What I currently do is a redesign of the WMaker AppMenu code (implementing all 
menu entry types, changing the property style, etc.). After this it will be
quite useable for other browsers (as the icewm hints are useable...).


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