Re: [Fwd: Frames?]

    >> Gnome is not a window manager. You have to run a window manager
    >> - fvwm95 would be fine.

    Pollywog> I know that Gnome is not a window manager, but I don't
    Pollywog> know exactly what to call it.  What can it be called?

I make an attempt in the "Introduction to GNOME".  I used an
expression like "application framework" in the following context:

	GNOME is a project which endeavors to provide a complete,
	consistent, state of the art and free user environment for
	UNIX systems.  This includes:</para>
	    An <firstterm>application framework</firstterm> &mdash;
	    this consists of a style guide for applications along with
	    a set of libraries which enforce the style requirements.
	    For example, the GNOME libraries allow a programmer to
	    invoke standard menus and dialog boxes.</para>
	    A <firstterm>file manager</firstterm> &mdash; the GNOME
	    file manager is based on the well known <application>GNU
	      midnight commander</application>, which has been endowed
	    with a GNOME&ndash;compliant graphical interface.</para>
	    A <firstterm>panel</firstterm> &mdash; this replaces the
	    button&ndash;bars sometimes provided by UNIX window
	    managers.  The panel also allows the running programs in
	    little squares in the panel, both by swallowing X Window
	    programs and by running especially written
	    <firstterm>Session management</firstterm> support &mdash;
	    applications are notified so they can save state
	    information when a user logs out: the next time a session
	    is started, these applications can pick up where they left
	    A <emphasis>suite of GNOME applications</emphasis> &mdash;
	    these have written (or adapted) to use the GNOME
	    facilities, and thus present a consistent look and
	There are many more facets to GNOME, and much information can
	be found at the <ulink URL="">GNOME web

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