Re: No CVS, No snapshots!! ;=( writes:

> Quoting Raja R Harinath (
> > Hmm...  Probably all those `cvs -z9's.  `' suggests the use
> > of `cvs -z3'.  Apparently -z9 gives logarithmic improvement in
> > compression with exponential increase in load (in simpler words, -z9
> > causes a large increase in CPU load for marginally better compression).
>   I also suggest to make plain tar.gz files of the whole cvs tree with
> the CVS subdirs. It allow to avoid the big cost of the first CVS checkout.
> And the tar.gz can be compressed with -z9 (it only done once ...).
>   Jim it seems that you have only "per subdir" tars right ? What about
> generating the full one ?

Maybe.  That's going to be a pretty big tarball though.  I'm not sure
that's a good idea.

A better idea might be to use ctm (cvs-through-mail) - and mail people
updates on a daily basis.  FreeBSD does this.  They also use cvsup
(but don't recommend it, because that creates server load).


 - Jim

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