Re: No CVS, No snapshots!! ;=(

Erik Andersen <> writes:

> On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Ronald Offerman wrote:
> > With anon-CVS denied and no daily snapshots available (snapshots,
> > which IMHO cause more bandwidth trouble than the anon-CVS
> > updates), we gnome-lurkers are stranded.

The problem wasn't bandwidth.  The problem was dozens of cvs sessions
on the server that were sending the system load through the roof.

> > Just when it started to sort-off work all but the developers are
> cut out of > the deal; could we please have /something/ to drool
> over each day?

> Easy.  Start developing something and you automagically can get CVS access.  
> And you make this a better world in the process.  win-win.
>  -Erik

But, it's still good net ettiquette (and free software programming
ettiquette) to lurk for awhile before contributing.

Anyways, is it really a good idea to open up commit access to the full
Gnome source tree to somebody who might not know what they are doing,
and are just contributing code on the side so they can get access?

I just commented because I feel anonymous access to the CVS is fairly
important, and should be restored somehow.

Suggestion: why don't we piggyback on the mirroring cvs network that is setting up?


 - Jim

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