Re: XML and GNOME community

On 08 Jun 1998 11:00:49 +0200 Karl Eichwalder wrote:

> |   Basically XML would be fine to store internal state, but not for
> |   configuration files where the user may have to modify them. Forgot
> |   an ending tag or misspell it and the whole config file will be lost
> |   since XML requires well formed documents.
> If the XML parser complains, the user will have to fix the file; it's
> better than to edit a config file in an arbitrary format (e.g.,
> /etc/printcap).  The user, who wants to edit the XML file, may do it;
> but sure, an specialized XML editor would be nice.

There is at least XEmacs/Emacs with PSGML-Mode. There are also patches
for using this mode for XML files. 


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