Re: PLEASE READ: A new project. Feedback Requested!

> But both parts of your idea would make a nice GNOME program separately. I'd
> like to see some kind of network based scetchboard for discussing some things
> visually. And I could imagine that a somewhat intelligent GNOME CVS client
> could make a programmer's life easier. You could use the GUI CVS client to
> quickly find all locally modified files. Or you could browse the CVS tree like
> gmc, but have icons in front of all files, marking them as local only or CVS
> and modified or something. Maybe this needn't be a stand-alone app but an
> extension to gmc.

A new mc virtual filesystem perhaps?  Maybe one that appears something like
pure atria's clearcase virtual filesystem ... where you see versions listed
and modified files highlighted etc.

Although the remote-sync would be nice, in practice it isn't a problem as
said above, and could be tricky to implement.

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