Re: PLEASE READ: A new project. Feedback Requested!

On Mon, Jun 08, 1998 at 11:25:27AM -0700, Leareth . wrote:
> I'm going to combine cvs some other concepts, like irc style chat,
> and "Sync'd" mode. As to the chat part, imagin that everytime you 
> when into "Sync" mode, you got loged into a chat window that all the
> other "Sync'd" developers were in, and you had all the interaction
> of a irc channel, and more(Like shareing images, more personalized 
> stuff like made a color or an icon<This does have perpose, as 
> explained later>).
> [...]
> You can send files to each other.
> You can send realtime images.
> You can set a tag on a file you editing, to give a note to others as 
> to what your doing(Or trying to do :) with the file.
> You have a 100% realtime TODO menu, as well as knowen bugs menu, with
> a interface for developers to add and remove the enteries, and a way
> to keep track of (in general) where you can go about locating the
> bugs, and where a TODO should be started/put/whatever(You understand)
> if such is aplicable to the TODO in question.
> You can be sure you have the LATEST copy of everything.

As I started to work on the gnome CVS tree I got a bit frightened by the fact
that CVS doesn't lock files. But it turned out to be no problem (besides those
ChangeLog commits maybe :). So I don't think you really need 100% realtime
sync to the source. Even patches send to the list, that were made against
slightly old versions of the source, were no real problem.

But both parts of your idea would make a nice GNOME program separately. I'd
like to see some kind of network based scetchboard for discussing some things
visually. And I could imagine that a somewhat intelligent GNOME CVS client
could make a programmer's life easier. You could use the GUI CVS client to
quickly find all locally modified files. Or you could browse the CVS tree like
gmc, but have icons in front of all files, marking them as local only or CVS
and modified or something. Maybe this needn't be a stand-alone app but an
extension to gmc.

Eckehard Berns

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