GNOME 0.20 is released!


Version 0.20 of the GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) has
just been released.  This version is intended to be taken as a
pseudo-beta release.  That is, it may not be 100% bullet-proof, but it
should be pretty usable for most people.  GNOME 0.20 includes most of
the toys that were presented during Linux Expo.

Some of the major features in this release are:

- The Panel plus all its nifty applets (including the beloved Wanda
  the Fish!).  You can use them as an application launcher, a system
  monitor, a fortune teller, and whatnot.

- The GNOME port of the Midnight Commander file manager has been
  revamped.  It now supports an iconic file listing and drag-and-drop
  to the desktop and to applications.

- The Gnomecal program is a nifty calendar and personal scheduler.  It
  uses the standard vCard file format for interoperability with other
  calendar programs.

- There is an included tour through the GNOME programs, available
  through the help system.

- The Electric Eyes image viewer lets you view images as well as
  perform many operations on them (color correction, cropping,
  scaling, etc.).

- The Logview program lets you browse your system logs with
  explanations on some of the messages in them.

- The Gxsnmp program is an SNMP browser for your network.

- The gnome-terminal program is an extremely fast terminal emulator.

- The gtcd CD player supports the CDDB.

- The Extace program, in conjunction with the Enlightened Sound Daemon
  (esound), can be used to display 3D FFT waveforms of your sound
  card's output.  Major seizures may result from prolonged use.

- The Gtop program is a graphical replacement for top.  You can
  display graphical memory maps and send signals to processes.

- Session management is implemented in most of the GNOME programs.
  You should be able to quit your session, and when you log back in
  everything should pop up in the way it was before.

There are many other new features that I have missed.  In general,
everything has been made more consistent and bug-free.

The GNOME web site is at

You can download GNOME in .tar.gz and RPM formats here:

Debian packages should be available soon.

Support packages and libraries are available here:

Please report bugs to or to our web-based bug
tracking system here:

Have fun!

  The GNOME team

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