Re: [WM] MWM Hints

Oliver Graf <> writes:

> And here it comes. It first checks for GNUstep attributes, and only without
> them it will try MWM, just to be sure...

Sorry, the first patch didn' work cause on & was to much...

But now it also has complete configure support (--without-gnome to disable, on 
by default).

The patch is against (more or less) plain WindowMaker-0.15.0. You have to
remove the old patch first (-R is the switch you need).

Mysterious: GNOME does set only does hints for the menubar, as it seems. Also
it will only set decor hints, no fucntion hints. So all depends on decor for

> I will make a patch for the icewm proposal tomorrow (I think, don't count on
> it).

Not today, but next week I will. I promise.

> Ah, I forgot to mention: I don't have any GNOME apps running, cause the rpms

Now I have... gmc is nice.


P.S.: To all those niftos who don't know configure: you have to rerun
'autoconf' after you have applied the patch.


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