Re: [WM] MWM Hints

Oliver Graf <> writes:

> Oliver Graf <> writes:
> > I'm interested. And after the XEmacs DnD stuff for the 21.0 final is done, I
> > will start. I think best would be some mapping from the MWM hints to the
> > standart WindowMaker/GNUstep hints.
> I think I will be ready in about 1h ;-)
> Wait for the patch...

And here it comes. It first checks for GNUstep attributes, and only without
them it will try MWM, just to be sure...

I will make a patch for the icewm proposal tomorrow (I think, don't count on

Ah, I forgot to mention: I don't have any GNOME apps running, cause the rpms
use mysterious lib versions and don't do it like it should be done (a seperate 
lib dir for gnome, so that no package collisions occur -- but I will solve
this later, if I find the time). The patch compiles, windowmaker runs, and
motif apps, well, they are motif apps, and I see nothing (but they all set no
hints....). So perhaps some gnome using wmaker user can try...



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