Re: [gtk-list] gtk 1.0/1.1

>  > What I mean by development series is that applications which work with
>  > the beginning of the series may have to be modified and recompiled to work 
>  > with that series later.  So if you can, use the stable 1.0.x series.
>  Can I so, and still work with GNOME? Presumly no, so I'll have to track
>  gtk 1.1 ;(

Gnome works fine with the development branch of Gtk.  I will most
likely add some autoconf magic to detect which version of Gtk is on
the system, and only compile stuff like GnomeCanvas if the development
version is available.

Note:  the stable and development branches of Gtk are not binary
compatible with each other, so you can't just dump in a devel gtk and
expect things to work; you'll have to recompile :-)


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