Re: [gtk-list] gtk 1.0/1.1

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Shawn T. Amundson wrote:

> Note that GTK 1.1.x doesn't exist yet.  What is in CVS should be
> considered in-progress to the next release, not the release itself.  Many
> more things are going to get changed before 1.1.0 gets packaged.
> The major difference is GTK 1.1.x is a development series and thus things
> are going to be changing to be enhanced. (If you want the list of that
> stuff look in the TODO file or ChangeLog ;-)
Yeah, known Linux-kernel methodlogy ;)
> What I mean by development series is that applications which work with
> the beginning of the series may have to be modified and recompiled to work 
> with that series later.  So if you can, use the stable 1.0.x series.
Can I so, and still work with GNOME? Presumly no, so I'll have to track
gtk 1.1 ;(


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