Re: Bugs & Probs with the panel.

On 28 May 1998, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:
> DiskUsage:  Hmm. I don't think that this is so useful if having a
>             whole bunch of mounts. I would personally prefer something
>             along the following: A nice 3d disk that shows two slices,
>             where the whole disk is the wole space on the partition,
>             and the slice denotes the amount of used space. A popup
>             bound to button3 would let the user select between the
>             disks available. Hm. personal taste, I know, but now it
>             simply doens't look THAT cute.

I tried to do that today. The slice isn't 3d, but an ordinary pie-chart,
and you switch through the mounts via the left mouse button (i think the
popups are controled by the panel). And ther's text next to the pie
showing the free blocks.

I agree it's more useful that way. At least most of the time...

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