Re: NeXTGtk ?

On Sun, 31 May 1998, Keith Wright wrote:
> Dialog boxes are good, but do them right.  Windows copied from Mac a dialog
> box that pops up and covers about 1/9 of the screen (middle third in each
> direction).  About 25% of the dialog box is a little scrolling window in
> which five or six choices are displayed.  I have a megapixel screen, and yet
> I spend half my life scrolling this tiny window back and forth trying to
> get to file 253 out of 1000.  Since you can't do anything else with the 
> screen until you have finished the dialog, it should cover most of the screen
> with a six or eight column list of choices so you can see a few hundred
> at once.

A dialog box need not freeze action in the main window.  However, I agree
that many dialog boxes are badly designed, and designers should be careful
there as well.


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