Re: Merging EFLIB phase 1 and GNOME

Johan Larsson <> writes:

> EFLIB try to establish a complete set of reusable software components
> through the Object-Pascal language standard. EFLIB targets the UNIX
> platform, but will also support Windows NT technology. EFLIB could therefore
> prove to be an important bridge between Microsoft standards and more
> adequate UNIX technology.

Okay, here are a few obvious questions:

1) in what ways can application that isn't written in Objective Pascal
   profit from EFLIB? Note that language independance is one of the
   high-priority goals for GNOME.

2) Which ORB is EFLIB using? Would that ORB be useful for GNOME?

> 2. GNOME probably could use CORBA and OpenGL - two technologies that
> currentlly EFLIB is shaped up to support. In the long run, both
> projects would benefit by balancing the boundaries between platforms
> (especially those set up by Microsoft). GNOME could therefore use
> components written for the Microsoft platform. Language independence
> is achieved through CORBA.

Umm, what advantages in OpenGL use are offered by EFLIB, in contrast
to just calling OpenGL directly? (note that I'm talking about appls
written in C or python, or guile, rather than in Pascal)?

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